November 2015 Summary

HHS School Counseling Department

489 Students Total

*Total number of Sign-in's from Nov. 2- Nov. 30th

% by grade level

14.3%- 9th graders

10.4%- 10th graders

25.2%- 11th graders

50.1%- 12th graders

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Why students came in:

28.2%- Schedule changes or concerns

29.7%- Personal reasons

42.1%- College and Career Help

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ACT profile info to juniors and Heinz's Business class

Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Spaeth talked to this class about career prep and set them up on the ACT profile database.

Junior Appointments

Counselors met with 223 Juniors in small groups to start discussions on college/career planning.

We also set up a google classroom to utilize technology to break down steps.

Junior Appointment- Post-test

223 juniors were given a post test in English 3 classes to help counselors determine effectivness of junior appointments. After data was collected and compared, there was a definite overall increase in knowledge of our junior class.

78.5% of juniors knew the 3 steps to follow to achieve their college/career goal after junior appointments. This is a 44.6% increase from the pre-test.

Financial aid night

ISAC corps member presented on financial aid overview. Over 70 parents and students were present. To see the powerpoint click:

Compass testing- SWIC

A SWIC representative came in and spoke with the 3 sections of Basic English IV. On Nov. 30th she came back and worked with us to offer the COMPASS placement test to students who are interested in attending SWIC but otherwise would not have had the opportunity to test. 18 students completed the test.

Class of 2017 Senior registration

The week of November 30, Counselors visited US History Courses to discuss registration. Students started working on their requests during class. After discussion with teachers, parents and college admission research students turned in their request forms by Friday Dec. 4th.

Grief group- Blue Out Day

4 students, 1 counselor,1 social worker and 1 Hospice representative spoke to students in 10 different classes about Child Grief Awareness and "Blue out" Day to be held on Nov. 19th.

Multiple students and staff participated in the Blue Out day. Money was raised for Heartlinks Hospice and multiple butterflies were written on in honor of loved ones.