A tiny, beautiful town in North Texas

About our City

The city of Coppell is a wonderful, family-oriented place to visit and live in! Everywhere you go you will feel at home. There are a number of delectable restraunts to dine at such as J. Macklin's Grill, Zena, Palio's pizza, Smash Burger, and so much more and that's just on Denton Tap! The beautiful blue sky and green grasses that are ever present here in our town are a sight to see as well. Perfect for long walks with pets or bike rides by the rec center or city hall. Our two high schools and group or elementary and middle shcools are exceplerary too. We hope you can come to our city, we know you will love it like we do!

We welcome your questions

Please feel free so call or email us anytime! We invite your thoughts and comments!