My Sneaky Cousin

By Shel Silverstein

Anthony Moncayo 2 period

She put in her clothes,

Then thought she’d get

A free bath here

At the launderette.

So roung she goes now,


Lookin’ clean—

But not too happy.

~Shel Silvstein


flippity flappy is flapping at the lauderette in the washer. the sound of her in the washer machinewas flippity flappy

reverse personification

it gives a human nonhuman qualities. it makes the riter seems like a lode a clothes.


Example: flappity-flappy.
The girl was going to the launderette she thought she was going to get a free bath. And she did she was in the washer flap flap flipity flap over and over again she was not so happy but she did get a free bath and she was so clean after all of that flippity flap.