By Ava Frederick


What unique holidays does Colombia celebrate? Why?

- La Semana Santa ( the Easter holy week). You will spend a week off of school with your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. You will also relax and have special foods.

- La Novena, the nine days before Christmas. Catholics read a special prayer. Everyone goes to parties filled with singing, dancing, fun, and fireworks.


What important landforms are in Colombia and why are they important?

- Coastal Lowlands, they lie along the Carribean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

- Carribean Lowlands, they have about 20% of the people and 12% of the industry. The parts of Barranquilla, Cartagena, and Santa Marta lies on the banana, cotton, and sugar cane plantations. Also, cattle ranches and small farms.

- Andes Mountains, they cover about a third of the land. About three-fourths of the people live there. Rich mines, fertile farms, and large factories are there too.

Resources/ Economy

What are the resources that Colombia most produces and do they affect the people?

- Emeralds, coffee, mine oil, natural resources, coal, iron, and gold. The resources affect the people because the jobs that they get for mining these things don't give enough money. So the people can not provide for their families.

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Who led the struggle of independence in Colombia and why did they want it?

- Simon Bolivar led the struggle of independence. The colony wanted independence because they were unhappy with Spanish rule. The reason they were unhappy with Spanish rule is it was an embarkation for shipments of gold and other minerals bound for Spain. The Spanish were also having African Americans become slaves.