New Principal/Observer Training

Educator Effectiveness

12:30pm - 3:30pm

July 26th┃CESA 10 Teleconference Center┃Starting the Year Out Right

September 20th┃Virtual Session┃Writing a Powerful SLO

November 14th┃Virtual Session┃Classroom Observations & Powerful Feedback

February 22nd┃CESA 10 Teleconference Center┃End-of-Year Responsibilities

New principals, superintendents, and administrative observers of teachers should attend this series for practical discussion and learning around how to implement a powerful Educator Effectiveness Program. The first session will be on Five Principles and beginning of year practices, including the Self-Review. The second session will be on writing Student and School Learning Objectives. The third session will be on classroom observations and coaching. The fourth session will be on end-of-year practices. Certification will be discussed with a day to be determined to support certification. The first and last sessions will be in person. Sessions two and three will be virtual.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Implement an effective Educator Effectiveness program.
  • Support teachers in writing powerful SLOs.
  • Become efficient and effective with classroom observations.
  • Complete all EE practices with fidelity and intent.