C.C.Winn Teens in the Driver Seat

2016 TDS 1st Place Cup Winners

After receiving your start-up kit you should:

  • Hold a meeting with your Teens in the Driver Seat team, to begin to plan your year to come.
  • Next, go to your City Hall and set up a meeting with either your mayor or city council.
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Mayor Ramsey English Cantu

Mayoral TDS Tips

Watch this video for a quick way to get yourself started in partnering up with your city.

The TDS Team meets with the police chief and his staff as well as the city mayor and city manager.

The meeting was initiated to discuss possible ideas to happen with the partnership of the members of both the city and the TDS members.

City officials taking the "Save a Life" Pledge

The Teens in the Driver Seat Team at Winn team up with the City Police Department.

The TDS team at Winn made a PSA With the Police department. Check out the video below.
Teens in the Drivers Seat

TDS Booths

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Teens in the Driver Seat Stock Show Booth

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TDS With MCLS President

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The TDS Team met with the Livestock Show President to see if we would be able to set up a booth in the event.

~ Meet with officials

~ Plan a booth

~Set up the booth and save lives...

Winn Obstacle Course


Two TDS members holding the stop sign

Golf Cart

oh Yeah

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