AIESEC is a lifestyle.

Because it goes beyond having a role in an organization.

A lifestyle! How?

Being an AIESECer is not a part-time state. Giving that identity its true meaning is LIVING by each one of the six core values every single day. Moreover, it is a behavior and a way of life.
The TM department wants to upgrade each member's life by improving one's mind and body function.

Physical Well-being

We know that physical activity will improve our health, yet we skip exercising. Missing one workout won't give us a heart attack or cause a stroke - so we let ourselves off the hook for a day. After all, taking care of our body is a powerful step towards mental and emotional health.

Intellectual Wellness

This view encompasses many types of activities which will make us intellectually well leaders: be able to cherish mental growth by getting involved in intellectual and cultural activities and being engaged in the exploration of new ideas and understandings.

Social Well-being

We know it's important to spend quality time with our friends, but when work is pressing, we don't stop to ask a friend how he is doing. We'll have spaces to connect with each other and spend more time together.

Eventually, we are/want to be leaders who are self-aware, world citizens, solution-oriented and able to empower others.

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