Leadership in the Hive.

The 7 Habits.

The 7 Habits

The 7 Habits are a great way to ceep your selfe and others around you happy. For a example Habit 1 Be proactive. This Habit tells you about what is in your circle of controle. Like my achins. They are in my actins. That would be in my circle of controle.

Habit 2 Begin with the end in mind

Begin with the end in mind means that make a goul and then strive for it. wich that means you sould think of somthing like getting a better score on a test.

Habit 3 Put first things first

This means I spend my time on the important things.And then you do fun stufe.Like do your wark beafor you go play out side.

Habits 4 throw 6

These habits are Think win-win, Seek first to understand then to be understood, and sinergize.all of these amasing habits are all about warking together. For example Think win-win. If you want to play hid and seek but your friend wants you to play tag. well you can just play hid and go seek tag.

Habit 7 sarpen the saw

Habit 7 is a habit where it says that you should not be a couch potato and go play work out and stay active. It also says you should eat healthy foods too. A fun way is to go to a park or pool.

This has been the seven habits.