Military Children

By Miriam Peregrino, Taylor Sharp, and Elizabeth Zabel

Who Are Military Children?

Military children are the children of a parent (or parents) serving full-time in the armed forces, and can also refer to the unique subculture and lifestyle of American military.

Possible Effects of Deployment on the Child


-Lack of long term connections

-Lack of involvment in school activities

-Lack of stability

-Separation anxiety


Signs of Distress in a Child

-Increased crying/tearfulness

-Clinging to favorite toy or blanket

-Becoming very quiet

-May experience an increase in violent behavior

-Irritable or crabby

-Drop in grades



-Does not want to go to school

Tips and Strategies for Teachers of Military Children

-Each month, invite the student to pick out a paper or project they are most proud of and send it to their deployed parent

-Be understanding

-Have a military parent or spouse come in to talk to the class

-Challenge them

-Treat them with respect

-Put them in groups so new military students will get to know other students

-Communicate with the parent that is at home about how the student is doing at home and in the classroom


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