Ms.Sizemore's Class News

September 1, 2015

Upcoming Events

Thursday, September 3- BOG (Beginning of Year) Testing for Grade 3

Monday, September 7- Labor Day Holiday (No School)

Thursday, September 17- Open House (5:30 - 7:00)

Saturday, September 19- Monarch Butterfly Day at the NC Arboretum

Friday, September 25- Parent/Teacher Conference Day

Monday, September 28- Required Professional Development Day for Staff (No School)

A Smooth Start to a New Year

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children each day. I am amazed how much they have matured since the beginning of second grade. Everyone is getting along and we are loving our new kids. Without Deb, we will be in need of parent volunteers. Friday, I will send home a schedule and possible volunteer opportunities.


All third-graders will be participating in the BOG (Beginning of Grade) reading test on Thursday. This will be a shortened version of the test they will take at the end of the year. Today, students were given the opportunity to take a sample test so they could see the format and practice bubbling in their answers on a separate answer sheet. Good readers are not always so good at bubbling, so I was really glad we took the time to do this. We are working hard to keep the testing stress-free and low-key. It would be helpful if students are on time Thursday morning so that our whole class can get started at the same time. Along with the BOG, students will begin MClass reading assessments, MAP testing (a computerized reading and math assessment) and the CogAt test in November.

Road to Independence

Thank you for letting your child become more independent this year. Students should be completing the morning routines on their own and parents should be out the door by the end of morning announcements. All of you are already doing an amazing job with this, so I just want to say thank you!


Lice has made its way to Dickson, but so far, we are lice free. This is great news considering we just had a class sleepover. Please check your child's hair regularly and let us know if you have to treat your child for lice so that we can check the rest of the class. As you may know, there is now a form of super lice that is resistant to the chemicals previously used for treatment.


Unlike last year, we will not have weekly math packets. Students will have homework 2-4 times a week, along with nightly reading each night. In lieu of a reading log, students should be recording their reading in their student planners. If your child is struggling with a concept, encourage them to let me know the next day so I can pull them to the side for additional support.

Two-way Journals

Students should have brought home their two-way journals this week. We will write in them most weeks and they will become Friday folders. This is when we will send home school-wide information and student work. Students should return them to school by the next Friday.

Snack Calendar

Here is the snack calendar. Please consider signing up for 1-3 weeks so that we can provide an afternoon snack each day.


  • Thanks for stocking our class with supplies.
  • Thanks for providing the potluck meal.
  • Thanks to Helia's family for providing snacks last week.
  • Thanks to Bonnie (Nora's mom) for labeling and organizing school supplies.
  • Thanks to Charlotte (Maya's mom) for providing table cloths/flowers for the potluck.