Modernization of Warfare

By: Hunter Gibson

Mustard Gas

Mustard gas is a non-lethal chemical agent that the British first implemented in World War I against the Germans. Caused blindness, skin rashes, blisters, and many other ailments. The gas infiltrated the victims immune system as well as their skin.

Trench Warfare

Both sides dug out trenches to defend against the other side. They provided adequate cover and could be used to apply sustained fire on the enemy. They were forced to dig stalemates once both sides approached a stalemate due to outdated tactics.
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Big Bertha

An extremely powerful arillery weapon used by the Germans to destroy Belgian and French forts. A total of 12 were commissioned and were created by Krump, which was their largest ewapons manufacturer at the time. Big Bertha gained its nickname from German soldiers after one of its projectiles completely destroyed Fort Loncin during the siege of Liege.
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The very first submarine used in warfare by the Germans. At the outset of WWI, there were 38 U-boats. By the end of the war, 334 were build, and 226 were under construction. The involvement of the United States can be contributed to the sinkng of a non-hostile ship by a German U-boat.
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No Man's Land

Due to new technological innovations in warfare such as machine guns, heavy artillery, and even tanks, the middle of a battlefield was a fresh graveyard. Many rushes from both sides often failed miserably and ended with several casualties in the open field. Littered with dead soldiers, barbed wire, and many ohter remains, it coind the name. "No Man's Land".
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Tank Corps of the American Expedition with General Patton