The Green Revolution

By Stjepan Kilic

What is it?

The green revolution is an attempt to increase agricultural productivity through high yield seeds, pesticides, and better firming techniques. Many countries, with not enough food for its people, have done the green revolution and have succeeded.

Indian Green Revolution

In India, there was a food shortage after World War 2 known as the Bengal Famine. They decided to try the green revolution. After about 20 years there was a significant increase in agricultural productivity.Thanks to the new seeds, tens of millions of extra tons of grain a year were being harvested.The Green Revolution also created plenty of jobs not only for agricultural workers but also industrial workers by the creation of facilities such as factories and hydroelectric power stations. It resulted in a record grain output of 131 million tons in 1978-1979. This made India one of the world's biggest agricultural producers. The green revolution there was a total success, improving the quality of life in the entire country.
There is no doubt the Green Revolution is helpful, and it should be done in all third world countries.