Mrs. Sebastian's Snippets

February 2018

Report Cards/Testing

Report cards come home on Monday, February 5th. If you have any questions regarding scoring of the report card, please don't hesitate to ask. I would be happy to chat either in person or on the phone. Thank you for returning report card envelopes.

Our class has completed the winter NWEA testing. Results will be sent home with the report cards.

Curriculum Highlights

Math: In Unit 4, we will find the value of various coins. Combinations of different coins to equal one dollar will also be implemented. Practicing with coins at home is encouraged. We are also solving 2-digit subtraction problems using the Ungrouping method. Please click on the red "Ungrouping Math Method" button above to view a helpful video. As you may have noticed, fluency of math facts is so important when trying to solve grouping and ungrouping problems.

Reading: Making inferences and wondering are two comprehension strategies that we are focusing on to make sense of text during workshop. I can't stress enough the importance of instilling a 20 min. reading habit on a daily basis. We started series reading with groups today-kiddos are loving it! Please watch for a "Go for the Gold" reading incentive coming home soon.

Writing: We will be busy writing Opinion Papers. I'm going to encourage the kiddos to brainstorm with you their Favorite Place to Visit. We will write about their favorite places in class. Students will also be asked to "rate" a restaurant with this unit. More information will come home at a later time.

Social Studies: We will explore many important civic concepts using the context of local government. We will learn the reasons people form governments including the need for laws, safety, and order.

Science: Physical science, specifically states of matter is our next science focus. We are looking forward to this unit of study.

Word Study: I've reminded the students about the importance of sorting and studying spelling words nightly. Correct spelling of popcorn words is expected to carry-over in writing. Thanks for your support with both.

Valentine's Party

Our Valentine's Party will be in the afternoon of Wednesday, February 14th. I will send home a list with student names this week. Any students bringing in Valentines need to be sure to have one for all students. To practice writing, students are expected to write names on all cards. I understand this can be time consuming so I suggest they start early and do a few each night. We are also asking each student to bring in a decorated shoe box of the sort to hold all of their cards. If you still have your card box from a previous grade feel free to use it again this year. Thank you for your support.

February Dates:

5th-Report Cards home

7th-Late Start

9th-Sweetheart Breakfast

9th-Carnation orders due (order forms coming home next week)

13th-Carnations coming home

14th-Late Start & Valentine's Party

19th-Winter Break-No School

20th-Winter Break-No School

28th-Late Start