Read a Latte

A coffeehouse style fundraiser for classroom libraries

See you under the bus canopy at 3:30 every other Friday!

All money goes to funding books for classroom libraries

Why do you need books for your classrooms when we have a school library? Good question. Well, our school librarian can do a lot of things, but she can't give personal book recommendations to 1300 kids twice a month. If LA teachers have great books in their rooms, they can make that happen. Here are some other truths:

  • Kids who don't read don't know how to use the library. If you send them there, they quickly become overwhelmed without a guide.
  • Kids who don't read don't know what they like. A teacher who knows them personally can help them forge a reading identity.
  • Kids lose their IDs. All. The. Time. This is a book back up plan.
  • Many of our books get "misplaced" each year and we need replacements.
  • Science teachers have labs, LA teachers have libraries. They are both practical applications of what we teach. Yes, we can teach without them but, why would we want to? That's the fun part and the very soul of it!
  • The best way to study for a reading test is to read. Whether it's STAAR or the SAT, intelligence is measured by how well we read.