How to run a successful colony

By: Isiah and Wyatt


TIP #1

Do you want to live in a place where some people have to work and the people that don't work get the same treatment as the people who do? Well in this colony everyone has to contribute and work in order for the colony to prosper.


Everyone has to be willing and able to work or do something to help the colony. you can't just expect to go over and look for gold and other riches and also have a successful colony. You want to have freedom of religion because people want to go by there own religion. If you force a religion you will run people away.You need to have a good government system because you will need people to keep things in order. You want to make sure that where you live is not to hot or not to cold and that it has a good economy.


TIP #2

Try to be by the ocean so you can trade with other colonies and England, you can get some food from the ocean. Make sure you have good soil to grow crops such as tobaccer, which is real good cash crop.


Set up a trade system with the Native Americans they know the way of the land. They know how to get food in winter when the food supply is scarce they could teach you how to hunt, fish, and farm to survive.

Location, Location, Location

Find a good area to settle. You need a food source, water source, and good soil. Don't do what the jamestown colonists did and settle in a swamp or any area that are full of disease infested bugs and animals or any other bad areas like that.


Don't give up on the settlement have faith and it may eventually become a success and start to prosper. If you give up on it it'll never have the chance.