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Learn Alberta

Learn Alberta - Grade 5 Social Studies

Learn Alberta is a variety of digital and print resources from many different sources that will help students learn the history of Alberta. I chose to use this resource as Alberta Education reviews these sources and authorizes many student and teacher resources that support learning and teaching in the classroom. Additionally, these sources are selected so that teachers can bring them into the classroom and use these resources in numerous and innovative ways to create rich learning experiences for the child.

I would specifically use this resource to show students videos and historical images to take students back into history and allow them to understand and explore the unique and dynamic relationship that humans have with the land, places and environments. Understanding these relationships will affect students decisions and make them understand the ideas of citizenship and identity.

Furthermore, this resource has great lesson plans for teachers to use to engage their students in the study of the past. Besides, lesson plans, it also has rubrics and assessment examples that use a variety of tools and strategies within the classroom. The different assessment methods show students strengths and weaknesses which further helps the teacher change or refine their teaching plans to ensure that learning activities better meet the needs of your child.

Additionally, this resource can also benefit parents as it shows them what their child will be learning and how they will be assessed in Grade 5. Hence, I would rate this resource as being "Superior" as it meets the Alberta outcome and main ideas are clearly outlined and can be used by Students, Parents and Teachers.

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