Jet Engine is Patented

By: Makenzi Vlotho

Why is it important

Now people have the opportunity to travel with jets. Millions of people are now able to do something that wasn't possible before. It allowed people to travel places such as across the atlantic with speed.
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Background Information

Sir Frank Whittle patented the jet engine. When he presented his idea to the air ministry he was rejected. Even though he was rejected he still patented his engine and it solved many questions of how to create a lot of heat and a vast amount of thrust. The jet engine was first placed in fighter planes. After the war they eventually put in it passenger planes. This allowed people to go places that were farther and they could now get there faster. Whittle's invention changed the world in many ways.

Impact on America and American Literature

The impact on America is that many people could now fly places faster. Travel continued to become easier as they improved the engine. The impact that it had on American Literature is because people could travel around the world and write about what they see and hear from different places.