FES Daily Memo Friday 11/16/2018

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 0 of Rotation/School Calendar Day 66


holiday party

Good Morning!

Please check your email to RSVP to the FES Holiday Party at Bleu 32 in Columbia on Saturday, December 8th at 6:00pm and sign up to bring a drink or dessert to share! Thank you so much!


Jennifer Alvarado

Greetings FES Faculty and Staff,

On December 14th, FMS is having all K-4 students over to enjoy their Holiday Concert. This year, to accommodate for the large number of students and differing lunch schedules around the district, they are having a morning show and an afternoon show. We have been scheduled for the afternoon show because of our close proximity to FMS. After consulting with Dr. Esslinger and Mr. Garey (FMS Band Director), we will run schedule similar to an early dismissal day and we will load buses at our school at 12:30 for the 1:00 performance. We will get you more exact details closer to the date of the performance, and I will send home a letter to parents so that they know their child will be on a field trip that day.

I want to take a moment and thank you for all that you have already done this year to make your students’ school year exceptional. This opportunity is yet another opportunity that you make possible with your flexibility. It is also an amazing opportunity for former students to have the opportunity to show off for their elementary school teachers. I know I was always excited when one of my elementary teachers got to see me in a performance as I got older. Thank you for your support, your hard work, your time, your flexibility and your amazing hearts. Our students, past, present and future, are truly blessed to have teachers such as you.


Patrick Bourn, NBCT

FES Music Educator


This is my fifth year conducting a pajama drive with a couple of my friends to collect boys' and girls' pajamas (all sizes) to share with a local organization for survivors of domestic violence, a homeless shelter for women and children, and a center for children who are currently in the foster care system. Our goal is to give these pajamas as holiday gifts to the children who are currently receiving support from these organizations.

Our first year (2014), we were able to give away a total of 123 pajamas. In 2015, we collected 177 pajamas. In 2016, we collected 223 pajamas. Last year, we collected 289 pajamas! We are so excited to be able to give more and more every year and we are very grateful for all of the support we have received from FES!

This year, our goal is to gather 300 new sets of pajamas! With your help, we can reach our goal! Last year, we were able to give over 60 sets of pajamas just from our FES family! We would like to gather as many new pajamas as possible by no later than December 17th, so that we can wrap everything and have them ready for pick-up on December 21th. We are open to receiving pajamas for boys and girls from newborn up to teen sizes. We have found some great Black Friday deals in the past, so please consider looking for some pajamas while you’re doing your shopping!

I will put a bin to collect pajamas in my classroom (room 409 – across from the conference area). I would be happy to come pick up the pajamas from your room or office as well. We would GREATLY appreciate your support! Please let me know if you have any questions.




Good Morning FES!

I am excited to announce that we will be holding a spelling bee for grades 1-4 again this year! It was such a success last year, and I can't wait to do it again!

Each grade level (1-4) will have their own spelling bee on March 8th. More details will come soon! Before our big grade level bees, each class will need to hold their own individual class bee. As a grade level, you may decide on a set of words to use for the class bees. For example, you may want to use your grade level sight words. It is important that each class from the grade level give the same words. We want to be fair and consistent.

I have attached a copy of the Scripps National Spelling Bee rules. The top three spellers from each class will participate in the grade level spelling bee on March 8th. Word/vocabulary lists will be sent home for the top three students from each class to practice as well as a parent letter. The word lists are from the Scripps National Spelling Bee site.

Please conduct individual class spelling bees by December 14th. I will give each teacher three copies of the word lists as well as a parent letter to send home with the top three spellers from your class after Christmas break. ​

We hope all students will enjoy this fun challenge! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you! ​

Lauren Simpson


Challenge of the week: Find something good in everyone.






M. Pieczura- AM


Miller - Nov. 12 - 16

Slace - Nov. 26 - 30

Simpson - Dec. 3 - 7

Dowling - Dec. 10 - 14

Servais - Dec. 17 - 21

Womble - Jan. 7 - 11

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P. Lafitte 17th

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November 16 - book fair morning, teachers only

November 16 - Early Dismissal Day

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November 19 - 23 Thanksgiving Holiday

November 28 - Country Music Hall of Fame - 3rd Gr.

November 29 - Reading PLC Meeting

November 30 - Bear Facts Newsletter

December 3 - Skating During PE

December 3 - iReady Math Testing Gr. 2 - 4

December 3 - STAR Reading Testing 1 - 4

December 6 - Math PLC Meeting

December 6 - SLT at 3:45

December 8 - Staff Christmas Party at 6:00 Blue 32 in Columbia, TN

December 13 - Staff Holiday Breakfast at 7:45 - 8:30

December 13 - PTO Meeting at 8:45 am

December 13 - Reading PLC Meeting

December 14 - Bear Facts Newsletter

December 19 - ABST Meeting

December 19 - Polar Express Play at 10:00

December 20 - Kdg goes to NHC

December 21 - Abbreviated Day - 2 hours

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January - no date yet Author visit-Eric Parker, The Story of a king and unity of community

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January 11 - Report Cards

January 11 - Bear Facts Newsletter

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January 17 - Reading PLC Meeting

January 17 - PTO Meeting at 8:45 am

January 19 - Aimsweb Testing Gr. K-2

January 21 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

January 24 - Data Meeting w/Gr. K - 4 Teachers

January 25 - Bear Facts Newsletter

January 26 - FRIST Art Show 2-4pm

January 30 - ABST Meeting

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February 7 - Tentative 4th grade field trip to TN State Museum

February 8 - Bear Facts Newsletter

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February 13 - Reading PLC Meeting

February 13 - The Opera Bear Hug / Pre-k - 4th at 9:00

February 14 - Valentine's Day parties at 2:30

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March 7 - SLT at 3:45

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March 8 - Bear Facts Newsletter

March 12 - Energy Detective 3rd grade

March 14 - Donuts with Dad at 7:45 am

March 14 - PTO Meeting at 8:45 am

March 14 - Math PLC Meeting

March 15 - Early Dismissal Day

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March 18 - 22 Spring Break

March 26 - Children's Theater 2nd grade at 10:00

March 27 - Adventure Science Center - 1st grade

March 28 - Reading PLC Meeting

March 28 - Bowie Park - 3rd Gr.

March 29 - Report Cards

March 29 - Bear Facts Newsletter

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April 10 - ABST Meeting

April 11 - Fine Arts Night 5:30 - 7:00

April 12 - K Round-Up

April 12 - Bear Facts Newsletter

April 15 - TNReady Testing for Gr. 3 - 4

April 18 - Lucky Ladd Farms - 2nd grade

April 18 - PTO Meeting at 8:45 am

April 18 - Reading PLC Meeting

April 18 - Fine Arts Night

April 19 - No School Spring Holiday

April 23 - Progress Reports

April 25 - Math PLC Meeting

April 26 - Bear Facts Newsletter

April 27 - Arrington Vineyards at 4:00

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May 9 - SLT @ 3:45

May 10 - Bear Facts Newsletter

May 10 - Spring Fling from 5:30 - 7:30

May 15 - Brentwood Skate Center - 2nd grade

May 16 - AR pancake breakfast at 7:45

May 17 - Field Day during PE

May 17 - Data Meeting w/Gr. K - 4 Teachers

May 20 - 4th Grade Promotion from 6 - 7

May 20 - ABST Meeting

May 22 - Sara Benson Park - 1st Gr.

May 22 - Kdg. goes to Pinkerton Park

May 23 - Last Day for students (Abbreviated Day -2 hours)

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