Scientific method variables

Are you confused about scientific method(Christmas addition)

Scientific method

Are you confused about scientific method? Do you love Christmas? If so, you will love this . A Hypothesis is a if than statement .


Question : What will happen if I drop two Christmas ornaments at the same time from the same spot.

Hypothesis : If I drop a Christmas ornament from the spot at the same time then they will land at the same time.

  • Iv : the ornament

  • Dv : The amount of time taken to drop

  • Constant:
  1. Color of the ornament
  2. Size
  3. Location

  • Control: the tree its going on.


Gravity is what makes us go up and down . What Makes us fall and what makes us land . Gravity allows us to jump up and come back down on earth. Imagine you jumping up to put an ornament on a Christmas tree and floating up to your sealing and not being able to come back down . That would be horrible. But because of gravity I could drop two ornaments that are different sizes froths same hight and they would land at the same time.