Pine Hollow Middle School

May 13, 2020

Dear Parents,

Hang in there! I know this isn't easy... and I know that every family out there is dealing with the complexities and uncertainty of our current situation. Keep encouraging your children to try their best, and keep reminding them that the work they put in now will pay off down the road. Rewards, pats on the back, and positive feedback are especially helpful in times of crisis ... so pile it on them!

As we wrap up the year in the next few weeks, I will work to provide you all with as much information as I can, even though there's often no definitive answer to provide. I know this is difficult, and my heart especially goes out to our students during this time... so please give them my best, and let them know that our entire staff loves them and misses them dearly! Sincerely,

Ben Campopiano
Principal, Pine Hollow Middle School

8th Grade Promotion

We know how important it is for 8th grade students and their parents and families to finish the year with a promotion ceremony. So, we are currently planning to host a "Drive-Thru Promotion" at Pine Hollow on Wednesday, June 3rd. We are awaiting final approval from the district, city, and county before releasing full details of our plan, but the latest guidelines look promising for us to do this.

As part of this promotion, the PTSA would provide yard signs for all 8th graders, and work together with our staff to make the event as eventful as possible. More details to come in the next two weeks, but please save the date of June 3rd!

Student Awards

All grade levels will be moving forward with student awards this year. The process will have to be different than years past, but we are still going to do everything we can to make the recipients feel special and honored.

Our current plan is to have teachers record videos about the award winners and post those to our website on June 1st. Award winners would receive recognition on our website and social media, and receive a certificate in the mail. We will share out final details in the coming weeks.

Textbook and Chromebook Returns

We will be collecting textbooks and Chromebooks at the end of the month. Details will be shared out next week about when, where, and how to drop off these items at Pine Hollow.


As of now, our yearbooks will not be delivered by the end of school. As soon as we have a delivery date, we'll alert families and come up with a plan to distribute to students.

Grading and Distance Learning

As a reminder...

  • All secondary students in the district will receive grade marks of Credit/No Credit at the end of the year. This will be based on their 3rd Quarter grade, and their engagement, effort, and participation during 4th Quarter.
  • 4th Quarter Progress Reports are being mailed out this week, and will show if your child is earning CREDIT or NO CREDIT so far this quarter.
  • If you have questions about your child's grades or progress report, or the entire distance learning process, please reach out to teachers or Ben Campopiano.

Recent MDUSD News

Some important news and information recently released from MDUSD:

Next Year

Lots of questions are coming in about the fall and if we've been given any idea about how the start of school will look. The answer is that nobody knows for sure at this point, and that no decisions have been made yet at the local or state level. Possible scenarios include a full return to school, a hybrid return (part time in school and part time distance learning), or a delayed return with full distance learning. Our teachers, district leadership, and board are planning for all scenarios and we will keep you up to date as plans are created and decisions made.
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