Week 2

This is our second weekend check-in.


You are doing incredibly well with communication. I have had regular contact with most of you. There are a few who are not responding; please do. Our regular communication, even if it isn't long, is important for me to know how you are and for you to know I am invested in you.

Text or call me at 910-502-3504.


This week, you will begin a study of satire. One form of satire is the parody. You are likely familiar with parody if you have seen Saturday Night Live or The Colbert Report. To introduce you to parody, view the prezi linked below. This examines the movie Shrek as a parody of traditional fairy tales.

Peer Tutoring Center

Don't forget about our Peer Tutoring Center. If you have questions, there are tutors ready to help you find the answers.
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