Elle Munns

Energetic, Passionate Future Life Changer of Kids Grades 2-6

Exciting Facts About Elle

  • Born and raised in Tampa, FL
  • I was named after my grandmother Lovell Lee Landgraff
  • Oldest of three girls and both my "little" sisters are about 6 inches taller than me!
  • I have the smallest hands and feet.
  • I love all things active, walking, running, swimming, biking, everything!
  • I swam for College of Charleston
  • Currently in training for my first half marathon!
  • Soft spots for cheeseburgers, ice cream and all types of cookies
  • Lover of the beach, reading and music
  • 2 dogs, Russell our little mutt and Kona my huge yellow lab
  • I like to be spontaneous and nothing makes me happier than laughing!

Why I Want to Teach:

Simply put I want to make a difference. As a teacher every year you are given 20-30 little humans and in 180 days you have the opportunity to change their lives in as many positive ways as possible. I see this as the ultimate challenge with the absolute greatest award.

My Best Education Memory:

When I was in second grade I had this wonderful teacher for ELA and Math his name was Mr. Maniscalco. Mr. M put on a "Mitchell Mall" every year when we would learn about economics and everyone in the class had a partner and would set up a booth and sell a good or service, the rest of the 2nd grade participated as well. I learned so much about money and how supply and demand works and it is still a wonderful memory I have today.

Menic Deep Country Blues

Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) by Menic Deep Country Blues