Ms. Mac's Memos



Week at a Glance


  • Welcome Back


  • Symphony training 2nd-5th
  • Super Specials


  • iReady Training in Media Center


  • Festival of Trees Lighting 6:30pm


  • Final Soccer Game 4:15pm



Coaches Corner

From Heather Welch:


What is teaching small? #teachsmall celebrates all the small things- high fives, messages, encouragement. It is taking time to make a connection with your students. It is involving students in the choice of how they want to learn and then show that learning. It is showing students you care about them as a person. How do you #teachsmall?




Just a reminder, please write your "What brings you joy?" on your snowflake and post it on the bulletin board outside of the media center.

Staff Shout Outs..

1. Alex Soto

Thanks for all of your hard work to get our keys and badges in order!

2. Christine Rodriguez

Thank you for planning the Kindergarten Thanksgiving. It was the best year yet! The kids and families loved being able to participate together. You rock!

3. Martha Williams

Thank you for always stepping in wherever you see a need.... even if it’s helping to make a pilgrim costume. You are the best!!!

4. Patricia Morten

You work tirelessly and without complaint to make sure that everyday with the students is a magical one. Thank you for being you!

5. Stephanie Sims

Thank you for support.

6. Ashley Bagwell

Thank you for leading by example. When I needed encouraging and understanding you were there.

7. Diona McIntire

Thank you for that you do for Park St.

8. Ashley Bagwell

Ashley is always positive and encouraging. When she see a person drowning she throws a life jacket not a weight.

9. Christine Rodriguez

Great job planning and leading the Kindergarten Dessert Feast! You are a great team leader!

10. Amanda Stalker

For being a fabulous leader and staying calm with positivity under pressure!

11. Elizabeth Martinez

For calling parents with any and all requests we have to better communicate with our families. For translating all of our newsletters and parent outreach. We are SO GRATEFUL for you!!

12. Devon Chodos

For being a great blessing in helping get Math center together and working through the kinks for the 80/20 model! You Rock!

13. Lisa Cabrera

Thank you for always giving me creative ideas when I need them!!!!

14. Kathy Fearing

Thank you for your hard work, dedication and kind heart.

15. Ms. Ponders

She is an AMAZING teacher and a great friend