Marks long lost Poems

Mark cool

Earth Day

Treeless mountains rising from dirt
Birds chirping for help
Dirt that gives people alleges
Fresh apples dropping right off a tree
Live to run free

Ode to Baseball

The ball goes up and miss
Second time hit it but goes to the street
Third in a tree
Never could get pass three

After 30min in the air
I hit the ball
Excitement rises then goes down
Till the very next day

The day was sunny
I had confidence
I made a swing
Never missed one again

Elegy on Grandpa

The day was dark
Nothing to see but concrete
Going so fast can not see
Then everything goes dark

See everyone is down
Morning is up and everyone is ready?
I thought for a moment and got ready
Until it went dark and gloomy

Feel like raindrops and went dark
A room was dark and something appear
a bunch of pictures roaming though the air
A light shined and then the sadness was gone.

Life is like

Life is like a castle
It lives forever but goes down some time
Never want to leave of adventures
takes you to the past were no one shall pass

Large rocks keeps us down and hard to get out
Strong buildings keep us up
It collapses it keeps us down
Castles are memories that will stay in your mind forever


History is life, the past and the future,
History is death, strategist,and inventions
History is the answers, smooth times, and freedom
History is the life and death of us


The place were everyone goes
somewhere in time that could happen
were cars fly and trains float
the place were Disney dream could happen

The day you would see sunlight
I see a boy trying to fly
had a laser that can go high
A mask that cant be scared.

The night has come
Its time to go
see you a week later
when the sunlight comes back

Kinderartian poem

My first toys

Road my first car
Kindergarten graduate
Cat died
Out of school fell free
Open my first present
Leave me alone!

Future poem

Money madness

A hard worker

Rides a nice car

Kombat games

Creator of games
Out of college
Out in a mansion
Likes to make video games