Animal Treatment


My opinion about animal abuse

Many people need to understand how horrible are animals treated.They need to know why people shouldn't abuse animals.Animals are like humans.Would a person like to be locked in a cage and get hit by cables and sticks.People need to understand that it's not right.People use animals for blankets and clothing house decorations.People don't even need that stuff why should they buy that stuff.If people don't stop hurting them we wont even have animals at all.Please don't buy that stuff that is made of animals.

Animal abuse in circuses

According to CAPS, some circuses fource animals to do tricks and if the animals don't obay they wop them or even kill poor animals.Some circuses don't even feed the animals thats why they die sometimes.Circuses make elephants stand on their front hands and their legs are in the top.According to more beautiful wild, circuses kill and capture animals from their familys.Circuses get baby animals from their familys and if their family members try to attack humanspeople kill them.They lock animals in cages when the show is over.If the animals didn't obey durring the show they wop them so hard when the show is over.They take them from the wild where they are supposed to live.

How do zoos treat animals

According to PETA ,a zoo gives medicine to animals to make them happy. A zoo put stripes on a donkey to make it look like a zibra.toledo zoo locked up a bear starving to deth it was not feed till a few weeks later.An employe at a zoo screamed at an animal for no reason.A zooo gave popcorn to a baby zibra and the zibra died.A baby snake got steped on by a zoo employee and it died.According to CAPS a zoo left an animal locked In its cage for four days with out feeding it. A zoo left a baby garrila in one cage alone will the other animals were with its family.A zoo keeps an animal in its cage and makes its skin get purple stuff.a zoo killed an animal by letting a elephant go out side in the rain and some one acsedently ran over the baby elephant.A zoo sold an animal to a person and the person killed the animal.

A good organization for animals

peta is a good organization for wild animals and pets because they give animals what is good for them.peta takes really good care of animals.peta groomes animals feeds them and helpes them.peta is a responcible organization for animals.they even get stray animals and looks if they have injeres and if they do they help them and take really good care of them.peta keeps them in a safe place with out nobody that could harm them .peta's mission is to help all kinds of animals in the wrold.