Troop 2205

May 17, 2016

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Remainder of this year's meetings

Hard to believe that there's only 3 meetings left until the end of this year. A few things to think about:

1. With Sydney being recalled to active duty and her schedule being up in the air, I would like to go ahead and take volunteers for the remainder of the meetings to be on the safe side. So, this week's meeting and next week's meeting are covered (Thank you so much everyone for volunteering), which leaves the meeting on Thursday, June 9th and the field trip for horseback riding on 04 June.

2. The girls will be voting at the next meeting whether to have a separate end of the year party or incorporate one into the last meeting on the 9th. To that end, if we hold a separate party, I would suggest it for Saturday the 11th. If you know that that's not going to work for your family, please send me a note to that effect before next Thursday's meeting. That, unfortunately, is the only weekend in June that I'm available due to my retirement festivities.

3. I'd like to register the girls for next year during the Early BIrd period (ends 30 June). If you and your daughter's plan is to return for next year, please bring a check made out to Troop 2205 for $15 to any of the next 3 meetings and I'll register the girls as a group. The Troop will match your registration fee and contribute to the Family Partnership.


Home Energy Audit - due next meeting

Most of the girls have completed this, but some of the girls still need to finish. As part of the Investigate energy portion of their Get Moving Journey, the girls must complete an energy audit.

Using the information in their Get Moving books, pages 61 -75 (it's mostly pictures and worksheets), help your daughter with an audit of your home. They are to record the good energy findings and the energy wasters on separate pages of their energy Journal (second set of 3 white pages in their journals). The third page is to complete the building bio portion of the audit (see page 74).

We would like to have this finished at the next meeting. Thank you.

Daily Happiness Record

Again, about half of the girls have this completed. We would really like to get the other half through this portion at the next meeting.

This year's World Thinking Day theme is "Connect". In order for the girls to be able to make a difference in other's lives, they need to understand what makes them happy and confident. So to accomplish this, they are to connect with themselves by recording 3 things that made them happy each day for 5 days. They can either write them down or draw pictures. These are to be recorded in the 3rd section of their Journal (5 white pages section).

Our Next Troop Meeting

Thursday, May 19th, 5:30-7pm

Hyde Park Methodist Church, 500 Platt St., Tampa FL 33606

We'll be starting the First Aid badge and completing step 1 of the Safety award. Please see the information below in events for more details. Please remember to send your daughter in with her contribution to the Troop First Aid kit. I do believe that there are still slots available.

Door code is 7281*. Please have your daughter there by 5:30 as we'll be starting promptly at 5:30. This ensures that we can finish on time.

Dues will be collected at this meeting. $1.00 per meeting or $2.00 per month. Please text Mary Alice to check your balance.

Thank you everyone for signing up for snacks. I was mistaken and it looks like there is still one slot left to fill for the next meeting on May 26. The link for snacks is below. As a reminder, each family is responsible for providing snacks for at least one meeting.

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Mark Your Calendars

19 May - Troop Meeting- start First Aid badge

26 May - Troop Meeting

04 June - Horseback Riding

09 June - Troop Meeting

Items or Events on the Horizon

First Aid Badge

All right- on to our next badge! Thank you to everyone who has signed up to bring first aid supplies for our Troop First Aid kit to our next meeting. In case you have misplaced the email, the link is below. There are a few spots left. To get credit for step 3 of this badge, each girl must bring in something from the list. We'll start this badge at next Thursday's meeting.

Safety Pin

As part of completing our First Aid badge, we are going to incorporate one of the requirements for the Safety Badge/Pin. We will be completing this badge in multiple sections as the steps can be incorporated into another badge/event. We will not completely finish this badge until after our Camp Out in the Fall. The girls need to learn about common injuries for children. Plan is to cover what these injuries are, ways to prevent them and the basic first aid for treating them.

Horseback Riding

This will need to be done on a weekend, June 4 is the lucky day. We'll be going to R & R Ranch in Lithia for this event. The girls who went horseback riding with the Troop as first year Brownies will remember this place. They have a complete program for the girls to get their Horseback Riding badge and the cost is very cheap at $25/girl. The other stables wanted $40-$50. An evite will be going out for this soon.

Bronze Award

At our last meeting, the majority of the girls decided that they'd like to pursue the Bronze Award. We will complete this next year, so Sydney and I will look into the necessary training this summer. We'll discuss this more at our parent meeting in August after school starts. Meanwhile, if you can talk to your daughter about ideas she may have about a service project that contributes to our community in some way.