Jazz Dancing

By Lois Chery


Lots of kids feel ecstatic when they dance to America's favorite musical past time jazz. But unknown to most people there is a whole culture around jazz dancing. This is because there thousands of dance studios around America that teach jazz dancing. Every jazz dancer knows the music itself the famous, jazz dancers who have developed the dance style over the years, and that they invented.


First of all, the dance must immerse themselves in the music itself. In this case. Jazz dancing actually is from African-American culture and then evolved into an a American style. Many moves were created by slaves, and like I said before moves have evolved since back then. What's really interesting is that slave traders often allowed slaves to dance during their journey over to America. It was an attempt to keep slaves fit.

Joe Frisco

Out of the all the famous jazz dancers Joe Frisco is the best. Joe Frisco was the first official jazz dancer,but he was also a comedian. He incorporated jazz dancing in his act. Also Joe Frisco created the grind,shuffle-off to Buffalo. He was born on November 4, 1889 Milan IL but, sadly Joe died on February 12, 1985 Woodland Hills CA.

Dance Moves

As I said in the beginning, dancing has evolved since back then. Like the box steps how to do it? I know how,first step forward on your left or right foot. Then cross the other foot over the first foot. Next step back with the first foot. Then last but not least bring your feet side by side. Another dance move is the jazz layout. A jazz layout is very easy all you have to is a straight kick high up in the air and, then simultaneously doing an extreme back bend, head arched back and arms extended.


To sum it all up a lot of people enjoy jazz dancing including me. It's not the hardest type of dance but it's not the easiest type of dance either. I hope after hearing this ,jazz will be your favorite style of dance.
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