F Scott Fitzgerald Modernism

City Dusk

Author Biography

F Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896 in st Paul Minnesota . His first novel's success made him famous and let him marry the woman he loved, but he later descended into drinking and his wife had a mental breakdown. Following the unsuccessful Tender is the night, Fitzgerald moved to Hollywood and became a scriptwriter. He died of a heart attack in 1940, at age 44, his final novel only half completed. He contributed with modernism in many ways but the most famous writing piece of this movement is The Great Gatsby. He fits the modernism movement because he writes about how greed destroys the value of life. During the Roaring 20's everybody wanted the new being blind of what's happening but that something that Fitzgerald wanted to express how life is not all about materialism. He shows modernism in it's best by telling people that if you only focus on materials life is meaningless

City Dusk

COME out . . . . out
To this inevitable night of mine
Oh you drinker of new wine,
Here's pageantry . . . . Here's carnival,
Rich dusk, dim streets and all
The whispering of city night . . . .

I have closed my book of fading harmonies,
(The shadows fell across me in the park)
And my soul was sad with violins and trees,
And I was sick for dark,
When suddenly it hastened by me, bringing
Thousands of lights, a haunting breeze,
And a night of streets and singing . . . .

I shall know you by your eager feet
And by your pale, pale hair;
I'll whisper happy incoherent things
While I'm waiting for you there . . . .

All the faces unforgettable in dusk
Will blend to yours,
And the footsteps like a thousand overtures
Will blend to yours,
And there will be more drunkenness than wine
In the softness of your eyes on mine . . . .

Faint violins where lovely ladies dine,
The brushing of skirts, the voices of the night
And all the lure of friendly eyes . . . . Ah there
We'll drift like summer sounds upon the summer air . . . .


T- By the title "City Dusk" I think the poem is going to be about the city life experience that the author is experiencing.

P- Stanza 1- Telling someone to go experience the city night with all the activities and peoples conversations.

Stanza 2 - Explaining the dark and lonely moments he experience in life , but then he opened his eyes and slowly left that behind

Stanza 3 - He is impatiently waiting for her imagining happy thoughts about her by describing her actions and characteristics.

Stanza 4 - He is being romantic and expressing his thoughts about his true love

Stanza 5 - This stanza shows his happy and fond memories of a party full lady with fancy clothes but only focusing on his true love.

C- Dusk- Darker phase of twilight

Pageantry-A detailed display or ceremony

Incoherent- Unclear expression or having the disability to speak clearly

A- Sad and lonely of being alone during the nights in the city because of everything that happens.

S- The first two stanza's show all memories being dark and sad. But the other stanza's he describes this lady that he loves and changes his attitude from dusk to hopeful.

T- you will feel lonely at times but its up to you to change that feeling

T- A person that feels lonely in the city trying to change that by imagining about what things could be like with his love.


In conclusion F Scott Fitzgerald writing style fits the modernist movement because he focuses on city life rather than the country in many of his novels. A great example of modernism is "The Great Gatsby" Fitzgerald message in this novel explains how material gain can destroy the life of people. This affected many people because of the time period during the 1920 when everybody wanted the new and best of things. These were the times of modernism expansion