Rodney King trial and LA riots


So me James gidding standing out side on my balcony when I see a man get pulled over, so curious me just watching and saw 5 officers come out. Three of the five officers told Mr King to get out of his car.He did so and they started yelling and then they shot a tazer at him and started to beat Mr King. All this wail im on my balcony listening to jump and wearing my Baggy sweat pants and my favorite t-shirt and flat bill. I didnt know what to do hey I was 22. So I just went to work at Mcdonalds the next day and didnt tell any body till later. I didnt tell any body till later that night when watching my favorite movie aladin.
Kriss Kross "Jump"
So this all happend on march 3rd a sunday.Rodney King was beaten by 4 white LA police officers.He sufferd a broken leg and some other injuries.I know that he was innocent because i watched him be beaten,but they proved the police officers all innocent of the crime and thats when the riots started.All of La started up in a riot people started beating random people from the street.One memerabale one was when a man was pulled out of his truck and beaten severly by some people.
Rodney King tape on national news.flv