Fit at Work

Reduce STRESS and INJURY at Work.

Let Us show you how

We at the Acupuncture Health Center want our community and it's members to be active and stay fit. We want to teach you how with our complimentary Lunch & Learn workshop.

Our 45min workshop will teach you a series of exercises that can be done with no equipment and minimal space. These exercises are designed to increase blood flow to the overworked parts of your body, which include your neck, back, and wrist as well as beat brain fog. If you have room to stand, you can improve your health in just 5 minutes, with these fun and simple exercises.

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We are currently scheduling for September-October-November.
If you would like to schedule your Free Fit at Work Wellness class please contact.

Presentation by Scott Paglia, L.Ac

Scott Paglia L.Ac is a Bellingham Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist and he has been in private practice since 2000 serving the residents of Whatcom County, WA.

Raves & Reviews

"Intalco's experience with Scott was informative, engaging, and was well received by the work force." - JAS

"I credit Scott and Tia and the team for helping me improve! You are wonderful, and I so appreciate you!" --LL

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How much does it cost?"
A: Nothing, it is absolutely free. We are so excited for these wellness workshops that we wanted to offer them everyone in our community.

Q: "How long will it take?"
A: 45 minutes and can be done over the lunch hour.

Q: "Will I need special equipment?"
A: No special equipment is needed, just a little bit of room to move and your body!

Q: "Is it interactive?"
A: Yes, it is interactive as we will teach you exercises that get your blood moving and body feeling energized.

Q: "Can anyone do it?"
A: Absolutely, the exercises are easy to do as long as you can stand on your feet and move your arms and legs gently.

Q: " Will I be able to learn the exercises with just one class, so I can do then again and again?"
A: Definitely, they are very fun and easy to do as well as learn. An instructional handout will also be provided following the workshop.