At-Home Learning: Week 6

Elementary Schools


What's new this week?

  1. NEW LESSONS for Week 6: New lessons (math, literacy, special areas) within our At-Home Learning Plans for Week 6 (May 4-8). Click the button for each grade level below.
  2. Feedback on Student Learning: Individual online teacher platforms provide a means for students and families to share examples of their learning each week. Posted learning plans include many examples to highlight student work. Please look for communication from your teacher regarding opportunities to share work samples in core areas (math and literacy). Teachers will be able to share feedback to support ongoing learning and motivation.

What are our district goals for Week 6?

  • continue to promote student well-being & connection with teachers and peers and support the needs of all students and families
  • continue to support families with at-home learning routines
  • advance student learning through at-home learning plans and online resources
  • provide opportunities for sharing and feedback on student learning

Please note that this page can be translated into many languages; you can find your home language in the black box to the right of this message.

Week 6 Grade Level Learning Plans

Note: See links to At-Home Learning plans for Weeks 1-5 at the bottom of this page if you need to review/return to previous lessons.

DreamBox Learning for Grades K-5

Goal for PreK-5 students this week is to complete 5+ DreamBox lessons.

DreamBox Learning recommends that students complete 5+ lessons per week to see the full benefit of the program. Pre-K students are welcome to explore this tool (provided at no cost with our K-5 subscription) as desired.

Click below for DreamBox Learning parent/learning guardian resources.

WHPS Online Resources

Supplemental resources to support children's curiosity and exploration in the following areas: Arts, Early Childhood, Museums and Virtual Field Trips, Literacy, Physical Education/Health, STEM

Resources to Support Child and Family Well-Being

Additional Supports

What are the WHPS expectations for at-home learning?

How is WHPS supporting students with IEPs and 504 plans?

Translation Tools

To get a translated copy of a Grade Level At-Home Learning Plan:

  • Go to "File > Make A Copy" of the Google document. You will see it in Google Drive.
  • Click "Tools > Translate Document." You will be prompted to enter a name for the translated document and select a language.
  • Click "Translate" and a translated copy of the document will open in your window. You will see this copy in your Google Drive.

Want to get a copy of a grade level learning plan?

Once you open a Grade Level Learning Plan,

(1) go to "File > Print" or

(2) go to "File > Make A Copy" of the Google document. You will see it in Google Drive or

(3) go to "File > Download" to create a PDF copy if you do not have a Google account.

Note: Please do not "Request Access" as these are view only files.