peelling earth

1. the coal fields in north america and europe lined up together,2.mountain ranges from south america to australlia line up together

element carryer

1.The destructive process in which water or wind loosens and carries away fragments of rock,2.water,ice,fire, and rain

gone bodys

determining minerals

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rock cycle explanation

This cycle shows how different rocks form into other rocks. Metamorphic can change into igneous my melting it into magma. Metamorphic can change into sediment by weather and erosion which compacts into sedimentary rocks. sedimentary rocks can change into metamorphic by heat and pressure. Igneous can change Into metamorphic by heat and pressure too. This rock cycle is like dominos, once it falls it can't stop.
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1.magma and lava, solutions

2. We do 8 tests: color, streak, density, hardness, luster, crystal systems, cleavage and fracture, special features.

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