Report of learning and work

Are people too young or too old to do certain work?

No because everyone can work because if they have the right experience and qualifications they can do the work because they know what they are doing in that certain job area they want to go in.

Are young people not reliable?

They are reliable because there are certain people that are reliable and some are not, so just because most of young people are not reliable doesn't mean that all are. Some older people are not reliable as well. However young people are stereotyped as lazy but not all of youngsters are lazy.

Are some people too old to study at College or University?

Yes because they have had the chance to go to college or university when they were young just like younger people today. So if they didn't go to College or University it was because of financial problems, family problems or work. If they do want to it then they have a right to but they should be separate courses for older people and they shouldn't mix with younger people that are doing the same course.

Does being women affect the sort of work you should do or be able to do?

No, because the courses at Colleges and Universities are available and advertise to encourage both men and women to take part. Employers now have to apply to the equality act so women get the same opportunity to do any job as men. However, some women still choose to do certain courses because they feel nervous and uncomfortable and feel like they should do what their friends are doing. But some women do other courses because they have more confidence and they may not care about what other people think.

Once a woman has a baby she won’t be flexible at work?

Depends on the work and if the woman wants to get back to work. They could talk to their employer about shifts.

Do people assume that single mums won’t work?

Depends if they have the determination and the motivation to work, if they didn't have these qualities then they just won’t work. But it isn't all single mums because they may not have a choice because they may have to look after their child or if there husband dies or if they have a disability.

Does having a disability affect the opportunities at work?

Depends on their disability because it would effect on how you would work and they are now funds to change the work surrounds to fit your needs because it is under the equality act and they must apply to it to make it equal to everyone.

Do people get told they are not clever to go to University and how does this affect them?

Some people get told because someone is jealous of them and this may affect how they behave towards education and even work. It may also knock down their confidence towards things such as activities, education and work.

The impact of people not taking up their career they want or deserve

The impact of this would be that they would lose confidence and not gain any experience in the field that they want to be in.

The impact of some people may not aspire to gain promotion

Some people may not recognize or have the confidence to apply for a promotion. This may affect the company by loosing out of better managers and employers.

Some may pass this attitude to their children

Some may show interest to their children's aspirations and then the children may aspire to achieve more but if they don't then children may lack confidence to succeed.

People may not go to University because they are worried about student loan debt

People shouldn't be worried of the student loan debt if you get a job but depending on your career choice you probably could pay it off. But you can also get grants to help you with the debts that you have.

How do we challenge stereotypical views and what can people do to make change?

We can challenge these views by offering equal opportunities to all people. For example a College could advertise a boy doing a dance course and a girl doing a bricklaying course. They would do this to give both genders a choice and to promote the courses to everyone. So they are challenging stereotypical views about who can do what.