The industrial revolution

By: Tyler Fridinger


The industrial revolution is the outbreak of technology. It was the next genereation of mankind, but there was a price to pay for our actions. children worked in cotton gins, pollution infected the water and air, bad laws were made up.

inventors and their impacts on the world

  1. James watt invented the steam engine. the steam engine was used in tranportation to transport goods and people. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin the cotton gin is used to seperate seeds from cotton and speed up production.thomas edison invented the light bulb, the light bulb is used to light areas for a long period of time.

child labor

child labor was sometimes was used for money for there families, but this could also ruin the child's life from injuring them or tramatizing them. Now there is a law that say you must be a certain age to work in america.

assembly line

An assembly line is a manufacturing process.Assembly lines are the common method of assembling complex items such as automobiles and other transportation equipment, household appliances and electronic goods.