WW1 propaganda

Kelly Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

"Save a loaf a week to help win the war" WW1 propoganda

When the US went into war, they were astonished by how much it costed! President Wilson realized that the people that weren't fighting in the war could help win the war too! For example "victory gardens", which was just simply having the people not in war grow their food instead of buying it. This way their would be much more food for the army. Wilson's administration also created agencies to manage and increase food production. Herbert Hoover led the Food Administration whose logo was "Food can win the war". There were also many other ways that citizens conserved on to help win the war such as "heat-less Mondays" and "gass-less Sundays". This made sure that the military needs for fuel could be met. By doing this, the US became the major supplier for the allied powers! This propaganda photo, that states "Save a loaf a week to help win the War" is just another way to conserve and help keep the food supply fulfilled for our Army. If you saved a loaf of bread a week you could save a life!

WW1 news story

The start of ww1

On August 14th, the assassination of the archduke and imperialism started a war between Germany and Great Britain. Germany invaded first so that Great Britain wouldn't expect anything. Germany had alliances with Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire, fighting together as the central powers. On the other side, Great Britain had alliances with France and Russia who united as the allied powers. Before this conflict ended another 30 nations, including Italy would join on what became known as the great war. Later generations would call it WW1. Machine guns, poison gas, tanks, and airplanes were all used to fight between no mans land, or the territory between trench warfare. The Germans came into war with militarism,(military preparedness) with their attack on Belgium. When the french heard about the attack on Belgium, they quickly mobilized. The Germans, with their nationalism, or extreme pride in ones country were prepared for the war, and the French were not. 15,000 French soldiers died per day. Many thought this war would be short, Kaiser Wilhelm the 2nd even stated,"they would be home before the leaves had fallen". The battle of Marine had a stalemate, or draw because both sides had trench warfare, or fighting from trenches.