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Google Apps for Education is Here!

Maybe you heard the rumors, maybe you didn't, either way--Google Apps for Education has come to Sheldon ISD. What is Google Apps for education? Watch the short videos below to get a better picture.
Why Google Apps?
1 Introduction to Google Apps

So, how do I log-in to my Google Apps for Education Account?

It's simple, everyone's setup is the same.

Go to for your email.

Go to for your drive


Password: Same as you use to log on to your computer*

*Your password must be longer than 8 characters. If it was not already longer than 8 characters than your default Google password is: sheldonisd

Trainings will come, but for now, just explore all that Google has to offer. Students will be receiving their own accounts as well in the near future but teachers need to get a head start.

I will be glad to answer any questions you might have along the way. Have a great day and happy Googling!

Exlpore Google's Education Site

Look out for Monahan's Tech Challenge that starts this week!

Jamie Locklin

Instructional Technology Specialist

Monahan Twitter: @monahanbobcats