Monday Memo

Week #30 - March 23, 2015

Dates to Note:

TODAY is Tia's Birthday!
Monday, March 23: 8th graders head to New York City! Have fun @ MMUN!
March 26 & 27: Conferences (Conference Hours: Thursday: 11:00 - 6:30 / Friday: 8:30 - 3:30)
March 30 - April 3: SPRING BREAK!

Monday, April 20: School will be in session - MAKE UP DAY!

Spring Sports

Practices have begun!

Golf will practice every Monday & Wednesday @ Cobblestone
Track will practice every Tuesday & Thursday @ the Middle School

Stay tuned for a schedule - Go Falcons!

Conference Schedule

You may find your parent teacher conference schedules on the W drive under the Calendar folder. Look for the document titled 'Whole School PT Conference Schedule March 2015." You will find the appropriate levels tabbed at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Please contact Sarah with any questions!

Feed the Teachers - THURSDAY

Brittani Russell - Pinto bean dip
Candice Holbrook - Fruit
Kristine Landrum - Cream cheese veggie pizza
Cara Kaiser - ham/swiss pinwheels
Deepika Thiyagu - Crackers and cheese

Kelly Elias - Chips & Salsa
Cara Kaiser - ham/swiss pinwheels
Kerri Axel - Fresh Fruit & Dip

Kristine Landrum - Cream cheese veggie pizza
Erika Groeneveld - veggie/dip/muffins

Amy McComas - Veggies & Dip

Renee Lewis - ham and cheese pinwheels

Feed the Teachers - FRIDAY

Amanda Scherschel - Hawaiian bread and spinach dip
Christina Parker - Crackers, pretzels, dip,
Ellie Chamberlin - Vegetable tray w/dip, chocolate chip cookies
Shelby Norris - Guacamole & Chips
Laura Zollman - Bread, fruit

Amanda Scherschel - Greens, feta cheese, strawberries, and salad dressing
Kendra Bowser - cheese/crackers/meat tray
Kristin Bowland - Not sure yet

Nikole Albright - Assorted pinwheels
Terri Clark - Cheese and crackers

Nikole Albright - Assorted pinwheels
Jenna Dayton - muffins and fruit

Conferences = school closed = childcare!

Childcare has been scheduled!
If you have questions - contact Macy (for Primary - Middle) or Lori (for Infant/Toddler)

Campus Traffic

Please be sure to follow all of the traffic patterns that we ask parents to follow. Friendly reminder that the exit at LE is an exit, not a faculty entrance.

As the ground begins to thaw (and freeze again today), please limit traffic on the maintenance trail to the Arts Center. This will allow the path to stay smooth-ish for the students who walk this path each week.

The snow, the extra pre-Spring Break energy, the exhaustion from preparing for conferences whatever it is - just SHAKE IT OFF!

Dover Police DashCam Confessional (Shake it Off)

HMMM, wonder what would we see if we had CLASSROOM CAMERAS?! :)