Spanish 1

Instructor: Mrs. Stevens


Spanish 1 is the first of 3 courses. Basic conversations, proper pronunciation, basic vocabulary and high frequency phrases will be covered. Elementary reading, writing and mechanics are introduced through the text, games, videos etc.

Materials needed

1. Textbook / workbook Buen Viaje. I prefer you have your books covered. I will give you extra credit if you cover it by the end of the first week.

2. Pen / pencil.

3. Folder.

4. Paper. Looseleaf or spiral I don't care. A notebook will be needed for vocab lists, notes etc..


There is one test and 3-5 quizzes per chapter. I give points for homework and work done in class. There will be one project due with each chapter. Daily points will be given for use of Spanish, behavior and participation.


I am available for help every day after school until 3:30. I can stay later if you need me, just let me know. I have prep second hour. I will also be available every other week during advisory time. Please ask questions, it benefits everyone!

Grade Scale

93-100 A

85-92 B

77-84 C

70-76 D

69 or lower F