How To Avoid On Getting Scammed

Alexis Villagran


Passwords should be at least 8 letters long. It should not be the same password that you used last time. Add uppercase and lowercase letters to your password. Don't your first or last name to your password.


Scams happen online or on the telephone. A telephone scam is when people call your phone and saying that they are from your bank. Then they ask for your personal information to get in your bank account to take your money. A online scam is when a ad pops up and saying that you won a phone, xbox or something expensive and also ask for you personal information to get your money.


When it comes to Privacy don't tell anyone you don't trust your personal information. LIke passwords, social security number, address, phone number. things like that to prevent you from begin scammed.

User Agreements

When signing up for a website for getting a new update on a phone make sure to read the User Agreements. There could be good information that you can use later. Another reason to read the User Agreements is, so you know what you can't do and what you do when on a website or updating your phone.
Avoid getting scammed online - friends asking for money?