MVHS Parent and Student Update

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Dear Families,

THANK YOU for your patience as we have been working through a myriad of questions that have come up as we transition to this remote world of teaching and learning for the first quarter.

Please know that we are SUPER EXCITED to begin classes next week with your children! Here are a few things to know:

1. Advisors will be calling you late this week to check-in and to answer any questions.

2. SCHEDULES . . . Class schedules will be handed out at materials checkout days (see below) this week and next. We know that we've had the great progress in years past of having our schedules cleared up before August, but there was no way to do so this year. We appreciate your patience as our counselors are clearing up scheduling conflicts and putting the final touches on schedules. We know that the better schedules are before we release them, the fewer questions and concerns you will have. All scheduling concerns should be directed to your child's counselor after viewing their schedule late this week.

3. First week classes are half days, and the schedule for first week and EVERY WEEK of first quarter is linked here.

4. ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED for classes. Please be sure that your child is ready to attend next Tuesday in the mornings only. (There's no late start during the first week.)

5. How will your child know his/her information to log into classes? THIS WILL BE SENT to his/her TSD EMAIL ACCOUNT. And, every week, students and parents will get an emailed memo or link to the teacher's memo with information about the past week and the upcoming week. These will be sent by 4PM each Friday directly from your child's MVHS teachers.

6. What do you do if you/your child doesn't know their email password? They'll be handed out at the materials pick up days at the chromebook station. You/Your child should go to this station to get this information!


ALL STUDENTS should plan to attend PICK UP AND PICTURE DAYS as follows:

AUGUST 27 - GRADES 10-11-12 (8:30AM-4:00PM & 5:00PM-7:00PM)

AUGUST 31 - FRESHMEN (10:00AM-4:00PM & 5:00PM-7:00PM)

THERE ARE NO SPECIFIC TIMES for students to attend; they may attend anytime between the hours above. ALL events, except pictures, will be OUTDOORS! Pictures will be just inside the exterior gym doors.

MVHS STAFF along with STUDENT COUNCIL, LEADERSHIP, and LINK CREW students will help direct students as they approach the front of the building at MVHS.

For crowd control, we ask that PARENTS stay in their cars while STUDENTS pick up Chromebooks, books, and materials as well as take their pictures. Freshmen will also be doing district required vision and hearing screenings at this time.


Face coverings and social distancing are REQUIRED during this event.

If a student/parent cannot attend either of the dates above, we will make special arrangements from 8AM-4PM Monday through Fridays to pick up Chromebooks, textbooks, and materials.


It's busy and there's A LOT of info coming at you. I'm hoping that this clear and concise information will make this topic less "muddy"!

1. MVHS students may NOT pick up Chromebooks at locations other than MVHS at this time; please plan on attending a time at MVHS to pick up or exchange a device.

2. If your child was an MVHS student last year and checked out a device FROM MVHS prior to our March closure for Covid-19, the student may KEEP the device already checked out only if the student is still an MVHS student enrolled in our in-person remote setting or Thompson Connect Online program.

3. If your child checked out a Chromebook from the ITS distribution at Mary Blair Elementary after our March closure, he/she must bring the device and charger to MVHS on the days listed above to EXCHANGE for an MVHS Chromebook.

4. Students who are working ONLINE with Thompson Connect Online (not in-person remote) will still be enrolled as a Mountain View HS student, attending this special program. Therefore, they are treated exactly like all other MVHS students for Chromebook checkout as above.

5. We do NOT provide devices for students enrolled in programs outside of TSD or homeschooled by their parents.

6. CHROMEBOOK COVERS are strongly recommended!

7. Lastly, we are no longer providing INSURANCE for Chromebooks; liability for the device rests with parents and students. In the event of loss or damage, Chromebooks fines generally do not exceed $250.

ANY QUESTIONS? Contact your child's assistant principal or Mrs. Victoria Troup, library media specialist, at


Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 will have pictures taken on Thursday, August 27th from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm and 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Students in grade 9 will have pictures taken on Monday, August 31st from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Order school pictures on before picture day and get a free Shutterfly gift with purchase.

Picture Day ID: EVTTNNR36

REMEMBER, ordering pictures is voluntary; photos from this day will be used to make STUDENT IDs for our return to school in the building!


NOTE: Parent/Student forums may only be accessed in REAL-TIME through YOUR STUDENT TSD LOGIN. A recording will be sent to all parents and students following the live session for anyone unable to view live.

To answer your questions as we prepare to start the school year, we'll be hosting multiple Parent/Student Forums. Please send in your questions before the forums to this FORM. We'll answer as many questions as possible in each session.

If you missed our ALL SCHOOL FORUM, you may find the recording at this link.

This week, we'll be hosting additional forums on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26th as follows (REMEMBER to use the student TSD email to log on live):

SENIOR Parents/Students - LIVE STREAM LINK - 6:30 PM

FRESHMENT Parents/Students - LIVE STREAM LINK - 7:30PM

Want your child to get individual help - tutoring, scheduling, etc.?

This FORM will give consent for MVHS educators to work with your child in a 1-1 format on Google Meet. For example, if your child needs individual tutoring or wants to meet with his/her counselor to discuss schedule, he/she may not do so 1-on-1 without this permission form submitted by a parent. To make your life easier by not signing an individual form for EVERY teacher or counselor whom your child may want to work with, this form covers all staff.