Scientific Information Report

By Katie



My hypothesis is that my footy-coloured-paint/soap-teddy-bear will work as the following:

Grand Final AFL Decoration

Soap Cleanser


Treasure Hunt and so much more!


Goats milk soap

Boiling water



Microwave dish

Blue dye

Vanilla extract

Silicone teddy mould


Cutting board


Oven mitts



1. Cut half of the goats milk and shred it.

2. Scrape the shreddings into the microwave dish.

3. ask an adult to fill the microwave dish with boiling water, making sure it is 3 quarters of the dish.

4. Place the dish into the microwave for 5 minutes.

5. Use the oven mitts to remove the dish. Mix the ingredients around in the dish, making sure there aren't any lumpy parts.

6. Add three drops of blue dye. Then add 5 vanilla extract.

7. Mix the ingredients together a bit more.

8. Once it has cooled a bit, pour the mixture into the teddy bear mould.

9. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes.

10. remove from freezer and pop out soap/paint/footy decorations.

I have made GEELONG bear soaps. Add correct football team colours suited to your team.


I have created an amazing product! A soap, a face paint, a face cleanser, a decoration and so much more! It smells like vanilla, looks like a 1cm thick blue and white bear, the colours of Geelong Football team. It feels a tiny bit bumpy on the back, but that's ok, it just makes it look like more of a bear! How you use it is up to you!
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