Bieber Fever? More like Heaver

Justin Bieber? How about Justin Ceasar? Either way, to quote the great Gretchen Weiners, "We should totally just stab Ceasar!" (A.K.A. Justin Bieber)

In 2007 an innocent little Canadian boy posted his first youtube video in the hopes of reaching stardom. Here we are in 2014 loathing Scooter Brawn, for ever discovering the little punk Justin Bieber. What started out as a sweet 13 year old turned into every mother's worst nightmare. It didn't take long for fame and fortune to corrupt the mind of the Biebs. Shall we hop aboard the throwback train and take a trip down memory lane?

At "One time" Justin Bieber claimed to be a strong christian with high held morals and family values. No one expected this "Down to Earth" kid to spiral out of control, but "Never Say Never." What once was this sweet "BABY" grew up to be an arrogant little prick, saying things such as, "I've never made a bad song." Conceited, much? From the person who once claimed that all of his success came from God to the asshole who says, "Remember this is a Bieber World, you're just living in it. Bieber or die."

All in all, I leave you with this, dear readers. Would you like to willingly give your money and support to a bratty young adult, who would spit in your face and kick dirt in your eye? Who would claim Justin Bieber to be their role model, when all he does is smoke weed and cuss out anyone who aggravates him in the slightest.

Stop the madness, stop giving Justin Bieber the attention.

P.S. Hey Canada, you can have him back now.