Guidance for new reviewers

Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching (UoG)

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New to reviewing and/or Compass?

This page has been created to help introduce new reviewers who have recently joined Compass to the reviewing process. It will also hopefully help to inform you of the support on offer which we provide new reviewers. If you have previous experience of reviewing articles for other academic journals, you may not find the guidance on this page to be anything new. However, if you are fairly new to the reviewing role, or have not prevsiously been a reviewer for Compass, it is advised that you familiarise yourself with the guidance on this page.

Mentoring new reviewers

If you have never been a reviewer for an academic journal before and would like to be supported on a more individual basis as you get to grips with your new role, you can contact the Editor, Danielle Tran, for support. You can arrange to meet informally with Danielle to discuss the typical responsibilities of your role, workload, timings and deadlines, and any other queries you may have. Her contact email is

Scope of materials you will be reviewing

As most submissions regardless of field, relate to teaching, learning and assessment, we expect that reviewers will try to 'have a go' at reviewing allocated submissions. If for any reason you are unable to review an allocated submission, you must notify the Editor so that the submission can be re-allocated to another reviewer. All submissions are peer reviewed.

Peer review policy

Submissions are subject to peer review at the discretion of the managing editor. Submissions will be peer reviewed anonymously by at least two referees on the basis of relevance to the journal themes, quality of submission and interest to the intended audience. Authors will receive feedback and comments following this process and may be asked to amend their work accordingly. The editors reserve the right to make further minor editorial changes. Final proofs will be issued to authors for approval prior to publication and reivew of these must be completed by the stipuated deadline.

For any further guidance or information about the journal please contact


Reviewers names are included only in the issue for which they helped to review submissions for.