Classroom News

Mrs. Embretson, October 9

Week at a glance...

Reading: To prepare for our trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday, we read many non-fiction stories about pumpkins. Many students realized that apples and pumpkins have a lot in common

Writing: I have been modeling how to add details and labels to a picture to help tell a story. Many of the students have been using "I like" and "I can" to write sentences about the pictures they are drawing. We are focusing on saying words slowly, segmenting each sound, and writing the letters that make those sounds. We do not worry about traditional spelling at this time.

Math: I introduced a new routine to help students identify numbers that come before and after a certain number. We practiced writing the numbers 6-9. Reversals are common at this age. If you notice your child writing numbers backward at home. Simply model the correct way to write the number and have them try again.

Social Studies/Science/Health: I brought in a variety of pumpkins to observe this week. We recorded our observations in a pumpkin journal that we will display in our hallway for a few weeks.

Snack Helpers, Oct. 12-16







Building attendance goal: 96%. Our class attendance this week: 94.54% We've had a few sick kids from our class who wisely stayed home to rest and get well. Hopefully we will be all be healthy next week :-) Students who had 98% or better attendance for the month of September got to participate in some fun relay games outside on Thursday. The party for 98%+ attendance in October will be S'mores!


Rescheduled Field Trip, Tuesday, October 13. We will leave school around 10:30 and return around 1:45. Please let me know if your child's lunch plans have changed.

Parent/Teacher Conferences, October 19 & 20, 4-8 p.m. Remember to sign up on Classroom Messenger by October 16. If you download the app to your device, you should be able to access the messages I have sent without having to scroll through your texts to find something :) The link is below. Once you get to the site, click on "join" and use our classroom code, KLCW3S.

NO SCHOOL, Friday, October 23

Fall Parties, Friday, October 30. Kindergarten and 1st grade parties will be 12:00-1:00.

I sent home a note from our Room Chair yesterday. Her name is Krystal Halfhill,, 417-840-2012.

Caps for Care to Learn--Students who bring in $.50 will be able to wear a hat to school on Fridays. Thank you for helping us support Care to Learn.