Better Learning 4 You

20 Time Project by Shubham S. and Mason J.


Better Learning 4 you is the name of our project and we call it this because we want to research about how the decorations/colors of a classroom affect a learner's learning ability, From a little bit of research that we have done so far we believe that the color/decorations of a classroom's wall does affect a learner's learning ability so we are going to do a little more research to prove that this is true and when we are ready with a lot of information we will pitch it to Mr, Jasso with all the evidence from our research and try to persuade him to recolor all of the classroom's walls in CHS.

What it should look like


We hope to persuade Mr. Jasso and the school to have more colorful classrooms rather than boring ones, we plan to have our research done in the next month or two so we are ready to pitch the idea straight to Mr. Jasso so he can have time to think about it too. Our goal in this project to get pretty far,even if the idea isn't accepted it would be a big accomplishment if he takes it into consideration. We will use most of our IN Class and Out of Class time on mostly research and maybe a few session with our mentor and Mr. Jasso later on. Our project could really lead to a huge change in the way schools look and how students could possibly learn better with more colorful classrooms.