My Friends

and how to be a great one

The best way to be my friend.

Some of the best ways to get along with me.

1.) Outgoing. You must be outgoing to be friends with me. I like going on little adventures instead of just sitting around all day.

2.) Supportive. I love friends who support me in dance & friends that like to come to competitions & watch me perform.

3.) Trustworthy. A good friend is trustworthy no matter what. A good friend will always have my back & be there for me when I need them most.

4.) Looks out for me. In other words, always making sure I'm not getting in trouble, people don't hurt me, & always helping me look at the bright side of things when I'm upset.

5.) Funny. You have to be a funny person to get along with me. It would also be nice if you understand my sarcasm.

Friends come from anywhere, school, family friends, family, sports teams, & friends of friends.