Trajan’s Forum and Market

Alpanhus, Cato, and Jupiter 2B

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Come out to the social hub of more then two centuries!!!

Take a visit to the social hub of Rome for more then two centuries. Built between the years of 107-110 BCE during the reign of Trajan by Apollodouous of Damascus using concentrate and brick. There so much to do on each level of the market. On the ground level you can walk into some small shops for all your necessitates. Then don't forget about the apartment on the upper floor. A safe place for you and your family to move into. Then a little beside the apartments is a shopping arcade for all the people who love to shop. You cant forget about the forum the political and governmental center of the roman empire. So come on down to via IV Novembre in Rome and see how time has effected it. Even though being neglected through time the market is still in great condition. Come visit and walk through the main shopping street, the Via Biberatica, or through one of the complex's corridors. So come on out to the Roman Market and Forum.
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Trajan's Column

The Trajan's column was built to celebrate the military victories and Roman leader Emperor Trajan. Its made 19 drums of Italian white marble with a 16ft bronze statue of Trajan. It also has carvings of the soldiers getting ready for battle on the side. The column is located at the via dei fori.
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