Customer reviews, complaints, is this legit or another scam?



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Cadient Group Marketing - A Brief Summary & Personal Thoughts

I found the following information by doing simple Google searches using the following keywords:

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You can do the same research yourself to come up with your own opinion about this company. This is just an opinion article, hopefully it will help you make up your mind.

Cadient Group – Cognizant
Having a website is a great way to let people know about your business and how can you help them. A part of those who find your website are going to contact you, especially if they found your website while they were looking for a specific keyword, like “moving services in London”.
The process of turning internet users into clients holds the name conversion and it can be improved by conducting digital marketing campaigns.
Cadient Group is one of the companies which can help you implement such a campaign and develop your presence online.

What is the main focus of Cadient Group?
Cadient Group is focused on providing their clients with new tools, which can increase the number of leads they get from their websites. This rather new commercial model has a huge potential, especially since the main source of traffic is migrating to mobile devices.
Cadient Group offers multiple services, in order to provide the best options for their clients:
• mobile development and optimization
• multi-channel content marketing
• responsive design
• social media marketing and management
• brand awareness services
• analytics reports
Apart from these, Cadient Group is associated with other type of IT services, such as computer maintenance.
But before you sign a contract with the company for SEO services, it's wise to check what other people who worked with Cadient Group have to say about their collaboration.

What I found when I searched Cadient Group in Google search engine?
When you type Cadient Group in Google you might struggle a little to find anything at all. Lack of reviews is not a great thing. Unhappy customers are three times more prone to write something online, but companies can delete their reviews. In this case, you need to search really deep to find something, which is not pleasant at all.
A customer wrote how someone from the company called her and informed her that her computer might be at risk. The SEO company salesperson recommended himself as working at Microsoft.
The client agreed to have the computer cleaned for $150 and was promised a remote cleaning. After couple of days, during which the client was not contacted by anyone, she decided to block the payment for Cadient Group, thinking nothing happened and she received no cleaning services.
The client was informed the payment was already processed, so she went along and agreed she paid someone for doing nothing. However, after couple of days, she noticed the computer was “acting” strange and someone was trying to connect to it remotely, so she took the computer to a specialized service. Here, she was told her computer was hacked. She had it fixed and went home.
After couple of hours, the computer presented the same “symptoms”.
Soon after, the client was called again by the salesperson, who was after more information about the computer; the client refused to give any more information and asked for a refund, which was denied.

This review of Cadient Group shows that you need to read carefully any reviews you find online. The person might have been the victim of a scam or she simply failed to understand what she was told about the services. Either way, the salesperson lied about his employer, which shows the bad intentions he had. Working with a company with bad reviews is risky, because you never know how you will be treated. You might be the only one who gets high quality services, but there are high chances for you to become just another victim.