The Catfish

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Did you know the biggest blue catfish weighed 143 pounds? I have only caught a 2 pound catfish though. In this article you will learn about the general facts of a blue cat,how to catch blue cats,and how to cook them.

Blue catfish general facts

Blue cats come in all shapes and sizes. The average weight is 11-20 pounds. The average lifespan is 10-20 years.The average length that goes with my weight is 30 inches. They live in a variety of habitats in the U.S including lake,rivers,and streams. They like it to have a sandy or rocky bottom with a light current and they like deep water.

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How to catch catfish

Catfish almost eat anything that is why they are fun to catch. Did you know they make bait only for catfish such as stink bait,jigs a artificial bait,live bait,and worms. There are things you need to use baits for instance rods,reels,line,and hooks. When your pole is ready put some bait on the hook and cast. You will have to be patient sometimes.

How to Fri catfish

First you pour 2in of vegetable oil into a deep cast iron. Next you put in catfish strips. Then you heat to 350%. leave them in there for 2 minutes until golden brown. Also move to wire racks at 150% until you're ready to eat

To rap up my research about catfish

I Hope you learned about blue cats. In this process I learned a lot to.I believe that blue cats are fascinating fish. Remember to look at some of the pictures and videos.
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