African Dance Ad.

Great quality instruments and amazing dance lessons.


The instruments we have available to you today are the drums, whistles, horns, flutes, and banjos. With the instruments you can choose to play, you can keep a constant beat when playing with your friends to dance.


At our village we don't only offer instrument lessons, we also offer dance lessons too. We can teach you to dance individually and with groups to please the spirits of our ancestors. We don't just dance for religious beliefs, we dance for every aspect of our lives.

Types of music that we'll teach you.

Singing and Dancing

  • slaves used music to remind them of their homeland
  • songs of hardships are now called blues
  • songs of freedom and hope grew into spiritual or gospel music
  • a singer called out a line and others repeated the line
  • music is all aspects of African life
  • individual dancers leaped and twirled
  • lines of people swaying
  • everybody clapped to the beat

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